Friday, April 13, 2007

Gander Takes Over Canadian NAT-D Control

NAT-D is a North Atlantic Major World Air Route Area (MWARA) net for aircraft flying over the Arctic regions. Its frequencies are 2971, 4675, 8891, 11279, and 13291 kHz USB. A good map appears at

Effective March 15, NAV Canada, the agency responsible for Canadian communication on this net, has dropped HF services from Cambridge Bay and Iqaluit. It was decided that operation could be more efficient combining everything in a master station at Gander. Aircraft are being told that Cambridge Bay and Iqaluit must now be called on VHF.

Here's the text:

ICAO High Frequencies and Remote Communications Outlet
North Bay, Ontario
Change of Ground Station

NAV CANADA, the country’s provider of air navigation services, recently reviewed the provision of ICAO High Frequencies (HF) and Remote Communications Outlets (RCO) provided by the North Bay Flight Information Centre (FIC). The review concluded that the ICAO 4 HF frequencies (2971, 4675, 8891, 11279) at Cambridge Bay and Iqaluit and the 1 RCO frequency (126.9 MHz) at Iqaluit could be provided more efficiently from the Gander International Flight Service Station (IFSS).

Accordingly, Gander Radio will serve as the Ground Station and provide the ICAO 4 HF frequency monitoring at Cambridge Bay and 1 RCO (126.9 MHz) and 4 HF coverage at Iqaluit.

This change will take effect March 15th, 2007 at 09:01 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Amendments will be made to the appropriate aeronautical publications.

For further information, please contact:

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