Friday, August 17, 2007

WWW Links for Hurricane Season 2007

The official Utility World Hurricane Frequency List has not been revised yet, but it seems current enough to keep using it for the time being. It lives at:

Users of RSS can subscribe to a truly staggering number of feeds with NOAA weather advisories on anything one would ever want to see. The list is at:

As we've seen with Erin, the story isn't always over when NHC stops tracking the remnants of inland storms. The NOAA Hydromet Center usually picks these up when NHC's done. Their advisories are at:

The new Hurricane Hunter WC-130J aircraft continue to undergo enhancements of their real time data transmission capability. As a result, the formats used to return information (and their message headers) have changed for 2007. The full (and highly esoteric) information is at:

You might have noticed that the Tropical Cyclone Plan Of the Day (TCPOD) messages posted here are always for the next day. Given the time lag between blog postings and their reading, this is good. However, it means if you didn't see yesterday's, you won't see today's taskings.

For this reason, NOAA posts yesterday's TCPOD at:

While the link on the main page of this blog has proven completely reliable for today's TCPOD, another one is at:

For those who really want to know, a rather exhaustive explanation of those cryptic looking weather codes that I wrote when I had a lot more time for this kind of thing is at:

Here are some other useful links:

US National Hurricane Center
Hurricane Watch Net (14325 kHz, "HWN")
NOAA Hurricane Portal
Central Pacific Hurricane Center
Canadian Hurricane Centre
WMO Severe Weather Information Centre
NOAA Storm Prediction Center
US Hurricane Hunters Asssn Web Site
Latest VORTEX data
NOAA Aircraft Operations Center
Caribbean Hurricane Network
Yahoo! Hurricane News
AP Global Storm Tracker
Hurricane Web Cams
Intellicast Hurricane Tracking
Weather Underground Tropical Page
Terrapin Hurricane Page
Unisys/Purdue Hurricane Page