Friday, May 02, 2008

KSM Encrypted Broadcast WILL Take Place May 3

KSM's intrepid transmitter engineer has recovered sufficiently to come to the station and make the encrypted RTTY and SITOR-B broadcasts using a classic US military crypto machine from World War II. Details are as follows:

Times: Approximately 1900 and 2100 UTC on May 3.

Assigned frequencies: 8433.0 and 12631.0.

Modes: RTTY and FEC. Baudot transmissions are at 170cps shift, 45 baud. FEC transmissions are at 170cps shift, 100 baud (SITOR-B).

Text will start with a plaintext preamble and will include the settings for the M-209 as well as the key. That will be followed by the encrypted text in five letter groups. Since hardly anyone has an M-209, a software emulator is available here. I have been playing with this, and it's a very slick program.

K6KPH will guard its usual CW frequencies of 7050, 14050, 21050 (3550 on request). Since these frequencies are in the scan with the ship calling frequencies the best bet is to use commercial calling procedure: repeat "K6KPH" (within the limits of FCC identification requirements of course) until the K6KPH operator responds with "DE", then send your call and traffic.

QSL, as always, is to Denice Stoops, PO Box 381, Bolinas, California 94926 USA.

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