Sunday, September 14, 2008

9/14 COTHEN and USACE Logs

Propagation conditions have tanked here in The Land That Shortwave Forgot. This will have to be the last log for a while:

5327.5 WUK437-US Army Corps Of Engineers, CA, ALE sounding, also on 6020 and 6785, at 2052.

7527.0 LNT raised J31 in ALE, then USB voice at 2149.

8912.0 CRB raised D31 in ALE, then secure PARKHILL comm in USB, at 2120.
8912.0 LNT raised K15 in ALE, link quality analyses at 2124.
8912.0 CNT raised D31 in ALE, then clear and secure USB voice, at 2137 and 2142.

11494.0 USDAEOC2-US Dept of Agriculture Alternate Emergency Operations Center, MD, ALE sounding at 2306. Station is not in the COTHEN net, but this frequency is common to both.

COTHEN callsigns heard: 501, 716, A39, CNT, CRB, D31, D45, J01, J09, K15, LNT, T16
Freqs: 7527.0, 8912.0, 10242.0, 11494.0, 13907.0, 15867.0, 18594.0

501 = Coast Guard 1501, HC-130H, E-City
716 = Coast Guard 1716, HC-130H, Sacramento, CA
A39 = US Customs & Border Protection AB139, reg. #N139HS
CNT = CBP Central Regional Communications Node
CRB = CBP Caribbean Regional Communications Node
D31, D45 = CBP P-3 patrol a/c
J01 = Coast Guard 6001, MH-60J helo, E-City
J09 = Coast Guard 6009, MH-60J helo, E-City
K15 = USCG rescue helo, probably Coast Guard Rescue 6515
LNT = Camslant Chesapeake
T16 = CBP Piper PA-42-720R, reg. #N9116Q, FL