Tuesday, April 28, 2009

QRP Update

Here are some updates to the information in the latest Utility World column dealing with amateur weak-signal modes.

QRSS Beacons:

10140.000 WA5DJJ DM62PH WA5DJJ DM62PH
10140.055 KC7VHS KC7VHS KC7VHS
10140.078 5DV NM 5DV NM 5DV NM [faded]

(Channel frequencies. All low speed Morse, heard in California. 10140.0 is FSK with a 5-Hz shift with a 3-second long dit. This gives a speed of 1 WPM. The rest are CW. All are best copied through use of spectrum displays like ARGO.)


14076 +301 Hz JT65B 10 March UTC

013200 CQ KL7OO CN88
013300 KL7OO WY5R DM95
014400 JA3CAY KL7OO -16 1 0


Activity on 80, 40, 30, and 20 meter bands. Typical:

10138.7 +187-263 Hz WSPR 10 March UTC

2048 -17 1.2 10.140195 0 K5XL EM12 33
2052 -21 1.5 10.140261 0 KL7OA BP51 33
2058 -24 1.7 10.140221 0 K1JT FN20 37
2122 -24 2.2 10.140187 0 W1XP FN42 37

Other runs here have produced loggings of stations in Japan and other DX. Some were barely audible in the noise.

OK0EU Propagation Net, Czech Republic:

3594.492 kHz Vackov (JO60EF)
3594.496 kHz Dlouhá Louka (JO60TP)
3594.500 kHz Panská Ves (JO70GM)
3594.504 kHz Průhonice (JN79GX)
3594.508 kHz Kašperské Hory (JN69SD)

7038.500 kHz Panská Ves (JO70GM)

All stations are 1-watt continuous beacons. On 80 meters, the close spacing creates a 5-tone cluster that shifts continuously due to fading. Changes in this cluster over time can track infrasonic phenomena in the ionosphere. Heard via SDR and verified from web site.

Amateur CW beacons:

3577.0 IZ3DVW/BEACON JN55VF 1 watt
7039.6 IZ3DVW/BEACON, yoopy tone & ID
(Heard via webSDR)

PHFER beacons:

PHFER is what the HF Beacon Society calls them, and since they place most of them, that's what we'll use. I'll have to find out what it stands for. It's probably a modification of HiFer, a different HF beacon type.

The new (and very low power) "47 Dasher" is now on Pike's Peak, and intermittently transmitting near 7997.9 kHz.

"Echo" is now on 10236.6, 24/7 from Florida.

The following beacons were heard here in late March:

2097.38 "A" every 9 seconds
3449.83 "OK" Oklahoma 300mw
4079.64 "TMPnn" CA Temperature beacon
4096.00 6 dits, one dah, Virginia
5484.00 "SD" San Diego, higher power now, blasts into here