Friday, July 24, 2009

Night of Nights X Videos!

These have been sent to YouTube by Paul Shinn.

The first one is "DA" Stoops, the first female telegrapher in the US commercial Morse service, proving the great ones never lose it. She runs off the closing message on a Vibroplex bug and makes it sound like music:


Off in the distance, a large transmitter building vibrates in time with the keying. This is the upstairs. There's another whole floor where the MW equipment lives. The RF practically comes out of your computer screen. Check the huge bank of Henry 5K commercial rigs, and also the older units that have been restored and returned to service. The MRHS has to have the best transmitter department anywhere to get this old station humming like this again:


WWII vintage Press Wireless HF transmitter used for KFS on 12695.5 kHz. No sound. Put a mike next to the biggest air cooled rig you can secure admission to, crank the gain to 11, and you've got it. This old rig and another like it were rescued from the old Palo Alto site, and restored at Bolinas by the MRHS engineers.