Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene Preparation Status

Governors of MA and PA have declared states of emergency.

Motorists can check road conditions on state roads by calling 511 or visiting Available 24 hours a day, the number provides traffic delay warnings, weather forecasts, average traffic speeds on urban interstates and access to more than 500 traffic cameras. Regional Twitter alerts are also available on the 511PA website.

New York City has ordered mandatory evacuations of some coastal areas. All public transit in NYC will shut down at noon Saturday, Eastern time. This includes commuter trains. Similar shutdowns are scheduled in at least Philadelphia and all of NJ.

US Navy is moving ships to safer areas at sea. US Army is evacuating a base in VA.

The amateur Hurricane Watch Net will activate at 0630 Eastern on Saturday. Frequencies are 14325 (day) and 7268 LSB (night). Some kind of storm related activity is taking place right now on 14325, too weak to identify here.

Allan Stern is hearing TEAL "Hurricane Hunter" aircraft from the USAF Reserve 53rd Weather Recon. VHF and 6577.0 kHz USB.

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