Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Not You: Sigmira Blows Up Again

Now, I like Sigmira.  It cranks on STANAG 4285, it has a great mode to demonstrate what's really up with the Japanese "slot machine" encrypted data station, and it does HFDL.

It has this one odd issue where every so often the features.dat file becomes obsolete and must be replaced for STANAG 4285 to work again.

This time, though, the problem is not loss of features.  The program starts up very briefly, then shuts down and displays a small window saying something unhelpful along the lines of "it didn't work."  Everyone got the problem at the same time, and it seems as if it might be related to the PC system date.

So far no word on the web site.   I won't be able to duplicate the problem and try for any insight because it never ran on my new 64 bit system anyway.  Too bad, because it IS a great program.