Thursday, July 25, 2013

Monitoring Times to Cease Publication

December 2013 will be the last issue of Monitoring Times.

Yes, I'm as surprised as you are.

This isn't April first, so I have to assume the following message from Bob Grove is real:
After 33 years of publishing the most informative and lauded magazine on monitoring the radio spectrum, Judy and I are finally going to retire. We are grateful for the dedicated efforts of our fine staff of writers for the excellent work which has kept MT alive for all these years. While we know the discontinuation of MT, with our December issue, will be a disappointment to our readers and writers alike, we realize that a combination of a down-turned economy, as well as the ready availability of free listening and technical information on the Internet, has reduced sales and subscriptions throughout the market place. I would like to thank you personally for your knowledge, your dependability, and your professionalism in making MT the publication that is most often referred to in the radio monitoring hobby. It is a legacy that we have all inherited.
They haven't even changed the web site yet.

I'll miss Utility World as much as you will.  More, in fact.