Friday, June 13, 2014

Now We Know What HAARP is For

Statements made by people in the know about the purpose of the HAARP project in Alaska became much more candid, and probably much more accurate, as the threatened early June date of closure and dismantling came and went.

No, it's not to cause earthquakes or control the weather.  It's just to help figure out the best way to put the U.S. military in control of our planet's ionosphere.  That's all.  Just a little thing.

And a very scary one.

Alaska Dispatch:

In May, University of Alaska President Pat Gamble wrote that the university could take ownership of the facility directly or through a lease, or it could work with others in the research community to develop options for covering operational costs.

He said that the main purpose of HAARP is to study techniques through which the U.S. could use “high power radio transmissions to manipulate Earth’s ionosphere for its strategic advantage.”

“The ionosphere is an integral part of the modern battlefield -- it affects GPS navigation, satellite communication, missile tracking radars, orbital surveillance and submarine communication, to name just a few applications,” he said.