Friday, August 29, 2014

More on VOA Radiogram Tibetan Font

From Kim Andrew Elliott:

Hello friends,

For this weekend’s transmission of Tibetan text on VOA Radiogram, you might be able to see the Tibetan characters in the receive pane. No copy and paste to a word processor will be required.  If all goes well.

Dave, W1HKJ, lead developer of Flidigi, suggests an adjustment to RX Font: Configure > Colors & Fonts: The Rx/Tx Character set should be UTF-8, then (if you have a Microsoft OS) change Rx font to Microsoft Himalaya. Because this font is very small, increase the point size to 20.

With Linux, the font is Tibetan Machine Uni.  I’m not sure which point size is best in this OS.

You can switch to the Himalaya font just before the Tibetan is transmitted 22:39 into the show.  Or you can use the Himalaya font for the entire show, because it prints out adequately in English.  (I don’t know if Tibetan Machine Uni does English.)

I look forward to seeing your results.  Please send reports to .