Tuesday, September 09, 2014

RFA Extends Cantonese Digital Broadcasts

Frequencies have been corrected per subsequent e-mail announcement sent 1811 UTC. This table reflects the corrected ones.

From Kim Andrew Elliott:

Hello friends,

The Radio Free Asia Cantonese Service will resume its digital text transmissions, Olivia 32-2000 centered on 1500 Hz, at the following times, on the following frequencies, all via Tinian. Expect co-channel Chinese domestic radio on all of these frequencies:

​UTC Dates ​1458-1500 UTC ​2258-2300 UTC
​Tuesday, 9 Sept ​13595 kHz ​15270 kHz
​Wednesday, 10 Sept ​13585 ​15280
​Thursday, 11 Sept ​13595 ​15290
​Friday, 12 Sept ​13585 ​15300
​Saturday, 13 Sept ​13635 ​15380
​Sunday, 14 Sept ​13700 ​15390
​Monday, 15 Sept ​13585 ​15260

These frequencies [were] not confirmed [possibly may be now]. If you do not hear RFA, tune within the same band for two stations in Chinese dialects on the same frequency.

Reports to qsl@rfa.org .

cc: to radiogram@voanews.com