Friday, April 22, 2016

Selected recent logs

All received in Southern California, unless there is a star (*), which means they were on the U. of Twente WebSDR in the Netherlands.

518.0    "W"     Sitor-B     FRL, French CROSS MED (Centre Regional
Operationnel de Surveillance et Sauvetage en Mediterranee), La Garde,
NAVTEX (NAVAREA 3) WA06 for gunnery exercise off Provence   0444  *

3831.0    ZLST   ALE    German Customs, Cuxhaven, raised ZHEL, Zollboot
Helgoland, then hissy exchange and TWS cleardown       2206  *

3850.0     BP21   ALE    German Bundespolizei patrol boat, clg BPLEZS
(control, Cuxhaven), then hissy ARQ type exchange  2251  *

5352.5   HG7BHB    CW      Amateur propagation beacon, Hungary, rptg
"VVV DE HG7BHB QTH JN97LE34SF PWR 50W"    2222 *

5909.5    709      ALE/voice      US Coast Guard HC-130H #1709 on COTHEN,
setting up flight following with CG ComComm, planning to do training
approaches and then "go back to Sacramento," then PAC clearing    0019

6474.0     KSM   CW    MRHS San Francisco Radio, MMP Free Press at ~26
wpm, usual s9+30   1829

6559.0    RV1851   HFDL   Caspian Airlines (Iran) flight with position
37 38 36  N  LON 112 22 48  W for San Francisco   2017

6785.0    WUE6   ALE  US Army Corps of Engineers District Ofc., Nashville,
TN, sounding  0150

7602.0    3A7D  CW      Chinese Mil (M89), calling marker "V DKG6 DKG6
 DKG6 DE 3A7D 3A7D"        2247 *

8345.0    RKA80    CW   Unknown Russian Navy Pacific Flt vessel, possibly
Missile Cruiser Varyag, loud, wkg unknown duplex stn (not heard), with long
msgs in 5L Cyrillic groups   2227

10943.0   CFH    STANAG 4285    Canadian Forces, Halifax, NS, repeating
marker "NAWS DE CFH ZKR F1 2822 3394 4158 6242 12371 16552 AR"
(75L/5N1)  2201 *

14023.0   VP8SGI     CW     South Sandwich/ South Georgia amateur
DXpedition, good op working orderly pileup   0030

18003.0   HIK0111111   ALE    USAF, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam,
apparently calling self for an ALE text message L/C HOW ME?//    2322

22251.0  E8KV   CW   Russian Military, working several outstations with long
messages in Cyrillic Morse   2245 *