Tuesday, March 14, 2017

New pchfdl.dat File Uploaded to Web Site

Since the HFDL ground stations were sending out the new HFDL System Table quite frequently to airplanes needing it, my PC-HFDL was able to update itself and generate the new pchfdl.dat file.  Those who miss getting a live uplink from a ground station can grab it on this column's web site, as always.

NOTE: I generated it here, and it works just fine on my computer.  I can't guarantee anything for anyone else. This is why it's necessary to rename the old pchfdl.dat, not delete it.

You may not need it yet!  I've noticed that several ground stations are still using table #49 as of mid afternoon on Pi Day.  If pchfdl.dat is replaced, these stations will show the numbers instead of frequencies.  The new file is for System Table #50.