Tuesday, July 04, 2017

More information on Russian voice transmissions

Here's a list of common Russian expressions used on voice radio, and their translations.

Much of this list comes courtesy of the listener who goes by MDMonitor on the mailing lists. The rest is my own.


 0- Null         nul
 1- Odin        ah-DIN
 2- Dva         d-VA
 3- Tri           teh-RE
 4- Chety're  cheh-TEER-eh
 5- Pyat'       pyAT
 6- Shest'     shest
 7- Sem'       syem
 8- Vosem'    VO-syehm
 9- Devyat'   TYEH-vets

 10- TEE-syets
 11 ah-din-NAD-tsats
 12 d-va-NAD-tsats
 13 teh-re-NAD-tsats
 14 cheh-teereh-NAD-tsats
 15 pyat-NAD-tsats
 16 shest-NAD-tsats
 17 syem-NAD-tsats
 18 va-syem-NAD-tsats
 19 dyeh-vets-NAD-tsats
 20 dvee-NAD-tsats
 30 TRI-tsat
 40 sorok
 50 pyatdesyat
 60 shestdesyat
 70 syemdesyat
 80 vosemnadtsat
 90 devyatnadtsat
 100 sto

The way they  do the numbers is different every time. So 147 for example could be said as: one forty-seven, fourteen seven, one hundred and forty-seven. Either way, when it comes to the Bear net they'll say one of the above and then read them out singularly. Using 147 again:  "fourteen seven, one four seven"

Hugh's additional note: Numbers in Russian get complicated.  By themselves, as quantities, or as figures in code groups, no problem. When followed by nouns, they usually agree in gender and case, though the rules are not simple.  Cases (nominative, genitive, dative, etc) matter in Russian.  Unless you're learning the language, that's all you need to know.


 Ballov       literally "balls". Readability figure, Dva Ballov = read you two by, etc.
 Chas or Chasov    hour or time
 Davlenie    Barometric pressure
 Eshelon polyota    altitude, flight level
 Kanal        channel, frequency
 Konets svyazi    "end of communications", over and out
 Konyets    finished, over, end of transmission
 Ostatok     fuel remainder
 Polyot       flight
 Ponyal or Vas Ponyal "I understand you", i.e. QSL
 Posadka    landing
 Prinyal     "understood", i.e. roger, QSL.
 Priyom     over, implies listening
 Radiogramma     message
 Slyshu      hear, listen  i.e. Ya slishu vas = "I hear you"
 Svyaz       communications
 Topliva     literally oil, fuel remainder
 Vremiya   time
 Vzlyot      take-off

My list of air call signs:

Akustik                Joint Strategic forces
Amba                   Samara airport
Assistant              Mozdok airport
Avora                   Volgograd
Balans                  New, unk
Buntar                 AF, Orenburg
Chklakovskiy      AF, Moscow
Davlenie             AF 6958th Aviation Base, Taganrog
Dorozhnij           AF, Rostov-na-Donu
Gazelle                Joint Strategic forces
Kanatnij             AF, Ivanovo-North
Kansek                Joint Strategic forces
Karakul              AF, Engels
Katolik               New, unk
Kedr                   AF, Bryansk
Klarnetist           AF 6955th Aviation Base, Migalovo/Tver
Korsar                AF 6985th Aviation Base, Pskov
Kraket                Air Transport, Western Sector, Kaliningrad
Kvartet               AF, Taganrog
Maska                Joint Strategic forces
Midyalka           Joint Strategic forces
Monolog            Air transport, eastern sector, Vladivostok
Nabor                 Joint Strategic forces
Nezyanka           Joint Strategic forces
Norka                 Naval aviation, southern sector, Sevastopol
Novator              Naval aviation, northern sector, Murmansk
Ochitska             Joint Strategic forces, Moscow?
Paradnij              AF, Milllerovo
Perekop              AF, Olenya
Poletnoj              AF, unknown
Polis                   AF 6956th Aviation Base, Orenberg
Priboj                 Air transport, central sector, Moscow
Procelka             Joint Strategic forces
Proselok             AF 566th Military Transport Aviation Regiment, Bryansk
REA4                 Collective stragegic AF c/s
Rubezhok           AB Severomorsk-3
Saksofon             Joint Strategic forces
Seriozhka            Astrakhan
Shagol                AF, Chelyabinsk
Shlagata              Joint Strategic forces
Shpora                Joint Strategic forces, Rostov
Shtat                   Sochi
Stavok                Vladikavkaz
Sympatia            Joint Strategic forces
Triol                    Elista
Trubach              AF, Omsk
Tyurik                 Krasnodar / Pashkovskiy (URKK)

My list of naval call signs:

Atlant                RJH77    Arkhangelsk    "Atlantic"
Bugel                RMZB    General c/s for initial call to unk warship
Chinara             RJD97    Strelok    Pacific Fleet base
Dekanat             RCC    Kamchatskiy    "Dean's Office"
Flejta                 RJD93    Sowgwanx    "Flute"
Flüger                RJD56    Murmansk    "Weathervane"
Garantiya           RIQ88    Guba Okolnaya    "Guarantee"
Grejder              RJS    Vladivostok    "Grader"
Gwozdika          RCV    Sevastopol    "Cloves"
Iskatelx              RJD69    Baltiysk    "Seeker"
Kaktus               RJH25    Kyrgyzstan    "Cactus"
Öjnara                RJD97    Strelok/Pavlovsk Bay    "Sycamore"
Parus                  RJC66    St. Petersburg    "Sail"
Priroda               RIR2    Polyarny    "Nature"
Progress             RIW, RJE56    Moscow    "Progress"
Sibiräk               RJH25    Bishkek    "Siberian"
Skakun               RJD85    Krondstadt    "Racer"
Svetlana             RJD80    Murmansk -140
Swetok               RJD99    Severodvinsk    "Flower"
Topol                 RJE65    Novorossiysk    "White Poplar"
Ürist                   RJC60    Vladivostok    "Jurist"
Westnik             RMP, RJD71    Kaliningrad    "Messenger"
Wolfram            RIT, RJH57    Severomorsk
Zazor                 RJD52    Astrakhan    "Gap"