Friday, August 04, 2017

Shortwave Radiogram 5-6 August: Read the Blog

The announcement of this week's Shortwave Radiogram is too good for me to hack up here.  It contains some important illustrations and many tables and font changes.  It deserves to be viewed in all its glory here: 

The thing about the marketers' beloved "millennials" suddenly "discovering" TV antennas has always amused me.  I keep waiting for this ad:


Here is a revolutionary NEW antenna which YOU can use to SNATCH FREE TV PROGRAMS FROM THIN AIR! This is not a hyped-up ad claim. This remarkable new device uses an exciting discovery called "RF" technology, which can provide many of your favorite channels WITH NO COST! Never pay a cable or streaming bill again!

(May not work in areas with low signal strength. Performance cannot be guaranteed in these conditions.)