Monday, January 15, 2018

FEMA Region 10 Comm Exercises Will Use 60 Meters


FEMA Region 10 Communication Exercises Will Make Use of 60 Meters

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region 10 (Alaska,
Idaho, Oregon, and Washington) will conduct a Communications
Exercise (COMMEX) on January 17 and on the third Wednesday of
subsequent months during 2018, 1500-2100 UTC. These exercises
will use the 60-meter channels and will test and exercise
interoperable communication (federal/state/local/tribal/Amateur
Radio) for use during a major disaster in which the conventional
telecommunication infrastructure has been significantly damaged
or destroyed.

FEMA Region 10 will use the call sign WGY910. Other stations that
may take part include, but are not limited to, other FEMA
stations, DHS, USCG, SHARES, DoD, and National Weather Service.
Stations (both federal and amateur) associated with agencies and
organizations that provide response support in accordance with
the National Response Framework are encouraged to participate.

The COMMEX will use all five 60-meter dial frequencies: 5330.5
kHz; 5346.5 kHz; 5357.0 kHz; 5371.5 kHz, and 5403.5 kHz as part
of the exercise.