Monday, July 24, 2006

American Airlines to Start Using HFDL

From a press release on the ARINC web site:

Annapolis, Maryland—ARINC Incorporated today announced it has won a long-term renewal of its flight communications contract with American Airlines, the world’s largest airline. The new agreement covers American’s affiliates American Eagle and Executive Airlines as well.


The new contract also allows American to take advantage of ARINC’s GLOBALink/HF high-frequency data link service. This reliable and inexpensive technology extends the availability of data link service to remote oceanic and polar regions not covered by standard SATCOM.


“ARINC’s long relationship with American Airlines extends back almost 30 years to the infancy of ACARS messaging, and today American is the largest data link user in the world,” stated Stephen Means, Vice President, ARINC Aviation Solutions. “We look forward to continuing our partnership over the coming years, and extending it to include services such as HFDL, as well as newer and emerging technologies.”