Friday, July 07, 2006

Google Earth Coordinates to Look At

These pairs of map coordinates, in form latitude, longitude with - being west, are formatted to drop right into the search box of Google Earth. Make sure "fly to" is checked, put them in the box, and hit the button. Zoom in or out as need be.

Antennas don't always look that great from the sky, but even so, it's fun to look at the places we've heard for all these years.

CAMSPAC Pt. Reyes RX Station - Pt. Reyes, CA
(Main building, staffed 24/7)
38.103675, -122.93409

CAMSPAC Pt. Reyes TX Station - Bolinas, CA
(You can make out the antenna farm on this one)
37.92519, -122.731898

Cuban TX Site Near Bauta
(This part of Cuba has a lot of "interesting" facilities, but this is way the biggest of anything that looks like it would transmit. The building obviously holds some heavy duty hardware, and there are a lot of antennas. Possible Radio Havana, if so, possible V2 and M8.)
22.94859, -82.54499

Cyprus Akrotiri RAF Transmitting Station
(This is one of the world's great communication sites, going on for miles and miles in the UK Sovereign Base Area near the village of Akrotiri. The antenna field just west of the salt lake is a likely point of origin for the Lincolnshire Poacher (E3). South and east is a listening station believed to be used in the Echelon project.)
34.61722, 32.943919

DHO38 VLF antenna
(German Navy near Saterland, 800 kW on 23.4 kHz, possibly to submarines. Two groups of 350-meter masts are clearly visible.)
53.078411, 7.620686

DWD Pinneberg
(Nice antenna farm operated by the Deutscher Wetterdienst/ German Weather Service. Ground photos at )
53.673309, 9.8097714

Elmendorf AFB, AK
(Interesting antenna farm east of the base, north of Anchorage. Possible TX for Elmendorf HF-GCS, among others.)
61.24935, -149.731057

Imperial Beach "Elephant Cage"
(Key Cold War HFDF site using a circular Wullenweber antenna array looking a lot like Stonehenge from the air.)
32.59413, -117.13010

Russian Listening Station
(Another circular array, possibly for comint/ HFDF, west of Odessa.)
49.43356, 30.50385

US Navy Comm Station NAA
(Enormous antenna complex filling the whole peninsula near Cutler, ME. Transmits on VLF with 2 megawatts. The ground system is the 8th wonder of the radio world. Now operated by a contractor, but still on-air.)
44.64350, -67.28018

Varna Radio, Bulgaria
(Full-service maritime coastal station with wire log periodics and HF conical antennas in the woods. They way they have it cleared looks like the ultimate crop circle from the air.)
43.067271, 27.78662

Vileyka VLF Station
(Soviet era VLF installation for broadcasting to submarines, in what is now Belarus. The symmetrical layout looks like something left by a past civilization.)
54.46451, 26.788138