Monday, July 21, 2008

14325 Hurricane Watch Net Tentatively Activating Tuesday

Seen on HWN Web Site:

The Hurricane Watch Net provides communications to and from the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida during times of hurricane emergencies. The net (a gathering of amateur radio operators missioned to support the National Hurricane Center) convenes as an organized network of emergency communicators on the frequency of 14.325 Mhz when a hurricane is forecast to be within 300 statute miles from landfall on any inhabited land mass in the Caribbean Sea, Central America, and U.S. Mainland including the Gulf of Mexico coastal areas.

As of 11am EDT (1500UTC), Monday, July 21, we have announced a tentative net activation plan in response to TS Dolly which is forecast to be a Cat 1 hurricane on the Texas/Mexico border on Wednesday of this week. Our plan is to activate the net at 1400EDT (1800UTC) on Tuesday, July 22, and to remain until the 20-meter band closes on Tuesday night. Our primary purpose during that session will be to disseminate Tropical Advisory information and to identify and list reporting stations in the affected area in the path of the storm who can be available on Wednesday as the storm is forecast to make landfall.

On Wednesday morning, we plan to activate the net at first band opening (estimated 0800CDT) for the purpose of collecting observed and/or measured weather informaiton in the affected area. We will secure net operations only after the storm has been downgraded from Hurricane status..

It is requested that you monitor the status of Dolly through information presented here in our web site.

Please remember to visit this page frequently for the latest information.