Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PLC Interference Spreads to Portugal

Posting from the UKQRM list. If you want HF to be for radio communications, not for some corporation's stupid idea for quick and dirty data networking that can be done several other ways with only a tiny bit more work, you will want to join this list and get involved. The alternative, as I continue to assure you, is that HF will be unusable in most cities and many rural areas within 10 years.

As in the UK, the problem seems to be with plug-in power line networking adapters provided with home Internet video systems to send continuous data streams the "last mile" (really on the order of tens of feet) from the net hub to televisions in other rooms of homes. This seems to be the consumer technology of the moment in Europe, where it competes with direct satellite for the non-government commercial programming market.

No attempt has been made to change the translation into "better" English. It communicates just fine the way it is, as posted to the list:

Hello. PLC strikes in Portugal. Some domestic tv box services is sailing in Portugal and works with PLC technologies causes a qrm in most amateur band and broadcasting receives stations. Costumer buy the service 3play in tv-net-phone and doesn't know the new service causes a qrm from a domestic PLC.The PLC modems i found in most costumers are by [omitted - I hate lawsuits, even when I win them - hugh] .

[] has a notch filters for use in IARU Region 1 but this filters in most cases dont work probaly and a strong interference can heard inside of amateurs band.

The specifications of [] are 2-34Mhz with a pwr about -56dBm and can syncronizate about 300meters distance.

In most cases qrm afects many amateur radio bands from 80m to 10m and in one case to 40mhz with signals about s9+30db in all modes.

Portuguese amateurs radio complaint to ANACOM (Anacom is the same as FCC is for usa) to resolve this problem but we wait to much time,Anacom is silent about this problem and the cicle solar [year?] has come.

.......................SAYS NO TO PLC TECNHOLOGIES..........73.

73 from Hugo Barata CT2HMX