Thursday, August 20, 2009

ITU Monitoring Database Extract #1

This is the first in an irregular series of extracts from the International Telecommunication Union monitoring database.

This database, distributed in .dbf and .pdf formats, is a list of HF receptions by several participating monitoring stations. There are many thousands of intercepts logged here, some more reliable than others. If nothing else, they debunk the myth that "There's nothing left on HF."

Nothing had been posted from this program since April of this year. This changed on August 18, when more of 2009 was added. The full data is available at the ITU Monitoring site.



2870.0 Spanish Fishermen J3E 2 Males
2872.0 Gander/Shanwick J3E Aero
2899.0 Gander/Shanwick J3E Aero
2946.0 Fishermen J3E 2 Males
2962.0 Santa Maria J3E Aero
2967.0 Fishermen J9W Scrambled speech
2971.0 Shanwick radio J3E
3000.0 Unid J3E Fishermen?
3013.5 Fishermen J3E Spanish language
3015.0 Fishermen J3E Dutch language
3016.0 Shanwick Radio J3E Aero
3016.0 New York Radio J3E Aero
3016.0 Santa Maria Radio J3E Aero
3052.0 Unid A1A
3055.0 Fishermen J3E
3066.0 Mil J7D Link-11
3108.0 Unid J3E Russian language
3116.0 Unid J3E Russian language
3140.0 Fishermen J3E
3145.0 Fishermen J3E
3150.0 Israeli Intelligence PCD H3E E10
3150.0 French Fishermen J3E French language
3150.0 H3E Clandestine
3156.01 Unidentified A1A CW
3159.5 Unid F1B 100/200 Bd FSK/PSK
3163.0 Unid J7D 120 Bd MS5
3166.0 ? J9W Scrambled Speech
3174.96 Unid F1B 96 Bd
3182.0 ? J9W Scrambled Speech
3184.0 Unid G7X
3194.0 Mil G7D 2400 Bd STANAG 4285
3223.0 Mil G7D 2400 Bd STANAG 4285
3224.0 Mil F1B 75 Bd RTTY
3226.0 XPK G1D 125 Bd ALE
3226.0 OYA25 A2B