Friday, August 21, 2009

ITU Monitoring Database Extract #3

These extracts are maybe a tenth of the information in the ITU monitoring database, which is copyright and way too big for this blog anyway. Some of the monitoring stations are better than others, and some of the information is just plain wrong.

I pass along the stuff I find interesting as someone's educated guess, not as the absolute truth.

The sheer bulk of this and any other attempts that have been made at logging everything found on HF should permanently destroy the myth that "There's nothing left on short wave utility."

3340.00 RIO4 F1B
3340.02 UZC2 F1B Call sign in F1A
3361.50 FTJ2 H3E [E10]
3366.00 ? F1B 50 Bd Revs
3386.00 Mil G7D 2400 Bd STANAG 4285
3412.95 Shannon Volmet R3E
3413.00 Shannon Radio J3E VOLMET
3420.00 Fishermen J9W Scrambled Speech
3435.50 Fishing J3E
3458.00 ? J3E Russian Language
3465.00 French Pirate J3E Non-Conformity RR5
3470.00 Fishing? J9W Scrambled Speech
3475.00 Spanish Fishermen J3E
3476.00 Shanwick Radio J3E Clg Gander
3485.00 VFG J3E Gander VOLMET
3485.00 WSY 70 J3E New York VOLMET
3487.00 Fishermen J3E
3494.00 Stockholm Radio J3E LDOC