Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Buzzer IS Back!

Several hours have passed, and the buzzz buzzz buzzz continues. Ary Boender has reported that some of the spurious frequencies detected earlier this year were also briefly active, which would strongly indicate that the same transmitter is in use. This, plus the power changes and intermittent 50-Hz hum would seem to indicate that work on the equipment remains in progress.

Another numbers mailing list member has provided transcripts of the three female Russian voice messages that appeared just as The Buzzer came back up:

MDZHB MDZHB 33560 Trenogiĭ 8606 5944 MDZHB MDZHB 33560 Trenogiĭ 8606 5944 Pryom

MDZHB MDZHB 64009 Arun 0835 3598 Trutnik 5512 1847 MDZHB MDZHB 64009 Arun 0835 3598 Trutnik 5512 1847

MDZHB MDZHB 82366 Pruyanoĭ 6385 9971
MDZHB MDZHB 82366 Prutyanoĭ 6385 9971

The MDZhB at the start might be a station identifier of some type. Russia uses these at times. "Zh" is a Russian character. The call or whatever is МДЖБ. Russia has used Cyrillic characters in call signs before. They were also found on the old CW military intelligence net, in Cyrillic Morse.

Note the lack of phonetic spelling. Could this be a different originating station with a different format, and would this explain the different ID or whatever it is?

But, for now, the evidence is overwhelming that The Buzzer is back. Internet users can take off their foil hats.