Monday, January 31, 2011

Transcript of Announcement at End of NMN WX

A day or two ago, I tweeted that the US Coast Guard was making an ominous-sounding announcement at the end of its offshore weather voice schedule simulcast on NMN, Camslant Chesapeake, VA, and NMG, Commsta New Orleans. "Iron Mike," who is never the most intelligible on a good day, really stumbles over this one, plus the dates and frequencies go by way to fast to keep up on a noisy HF frequency.

Therefore, as a special service to you the utility listener, I recorded and transcribed what turned out to be two announcements, both of them very old news. Here you go:

Effective 2259 Zulu, 31 March 2008, Camslant Chesapeake Virginia will terminate all high frequency on-call SITOR services. The shore receive frequency 6262.8, 8286.3, 12488.3, 16694.8, and 22295.8 will no longer be active after this date. Broadcast SITOR service remains unaffected. Break.

As of 0001 Zulu, 01 August 2007, Camslant will only acknowledge or respond to Digital Selective Calling test calls to Camslant Chesapeake Virginia, call sign November Mike November, MMSI number 003669995, and New Orleans, Louisiana, call sign November Mike Golf, MMSI number 003669998, on 4207.5 kilohertz. Test calls made to Boston, Massachusetts, call sign November Mike Foxtrot, MMSI number 003669991, and Miami, Florida, call sign November Mike Alpha, MMSI number 003669997, will not be acknowledged. No other Digital Selective Calling services have changed. Break.

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It appears safe to disregard this information...... :-)