Friday, February 11, 2011

Egyptian Government Changes Hands

At approximately 1600 UTC, the VP of Egypt came on air for about 20 seconds to say the president had resigned, and a military council had taken power. This came a few hours after President Mubarak left the palace, and the military tanks guarding the perimeter turned their turrets so that the cannon faced inward at the facility, not outward at the crowd.

That probably says it all.

Egyptian MFA is probably the best catch right now. There might be some opchat in amid the encrypted messages. Keep in mind that often their ARQ teleprinting uses ATU80, an Arabic alphabet, instead of the standard ITA2.

Aero freqs might be good as well.

Along with the Middle East in general, Egypt will be a good country to keep tabs on until things shake out. This process could last well after the promised September elections.