Thursday, April 21, 2011

K6HPH & KSM On-Air for International Marconi Day

K6KPH, the amateur station of the Maritime Radio Historical Society, will be on the air for this year's International Marconi Day on Saturday 30 April.

K6KPH will use the transmitters of ex-Marconi, ex-RCA coast station KPH at the 1913 Marconi site in Bolinas, California. Operators will be at the 1929 ex-RCA receive site at Point Reyes, California.

Several volunteer operators, will be manning the K6KPH operating positions. Among these will be ace operator Rick Wahl, ex-NMC, ex-KPH.

Hours of operation:

1700 - 2359GMT



Transmitters will be Henry commercial HF5000D units except for 7050.0 which will be using a 1950s vintage RCA transmitter. TPO for all transmitters will be 1.5kW.

Visitors are welcome. The receive site is located at 17400 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Inverness, California (the station is actually well past Inverness but that's the town name that works with most on-line mapping programs).

Coast station KSM will also be on the air with the usual press and weather service on all Morse and RTTY frequencies.

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