Thursday, January 09, 2014

Government/Military Logs for January 7-9

From Jack Metcalfe in KY:

3242.0  -  Unknown-US MARS stations (one call 8AY), fairly weak, with voice & data: 0256 UTC in USB voice & MIL-STD 188-110A (09/JAN/2014) (JLM)

3308.0 - AFE5DM-USAF MARS, possible net control), AFA5CM, AFA5LC & AFA5TA in net. After net became free, AFA7WU & AFE5DM running OLIVIA tests: 0308 UTC in USB voice & 16/1000 OLIVIA (09/JAN/2014) (JLM)

6876.5  -  595 BRAVO-TN National Guard, with 11 MIKE, active off & on this morning along with a FOXTROT (something or other) station, maybe 595 FOXTROT. Weaker signals than normally heard here: 1616 UTC in USB voice (08/JAN/2014) (JLM)

7348.0  -  WGY908-FEMA Region 8, Denver, CO (ALE call FC8FEM) working WGY948, ND EOC, Bismark, ND (ALE call ND8FEM).  Radio checks in voice after ALE link: 1603 UTC in USB voice & ALE (08/JAN/2014) (JLM)

7448.5  -  USAIS1012-US Army Continuity of Operations station, in AMD text mode to USADA1010 after ALE link: 1504 UTC in USB ALE (08/JAN/2014) (JLM)

7535.0  -  MIGHTY VANGUARD-USN vessel, testing LSB voice with SESEF NORFOLK: 1548 UTC in USB voice coordination (08/JAN/2014) (JLM)

12362.0  -  VMW-Australian BOM, Wiluna, Australia with weather info. Also running on 8113.0: 2137 UTC in USB voice (07/JAN/ 2014) (JLM)

12365.0  -  VMC-Australian BOM, Charleville, Australia with weather info. Also running on 16546.0: 2144 UTC in USB voice (07/JAN/2014) (JLM)