Friday, January 24, 2014

Logs for Late 2013/ Early 2014 from New Jersey

From Mario Filippi, NJ:

2598.0   Saint John's Coast Guard Radio-Canadian Coast Guard MCTS St. John's, NL (VON)  0017  USB  Male voice with maritime weather for Southwest Grand Banks, Northeast Coast, Hawk Island Banks, etc. Signed at 0020. (12/27/13) (MF)

5000.0    WWVH-US National Institute of Standards & Technology  1100   AM  Standard time & frequency signals, HI, female voice ID at minute+45. [Not that easy in NJ given distance, WWVH's pattern, and other stations on frequency. -Hugh] (1/15/14) (MF)

6604.0   Gander Radio-North Atlantic Volmet, Canada   1152   USB  Voice-synthesized male with aviation weather for Gander, St. Johns, etc. (12/29/13) (MF)