Saturday, March 01, 2014

Monitoring the Confrontation in Crimea

The Russian military maintains its Black Sea Fleet HQ and other assets in the Crimea, and in the past few days it has also been sending ground troops.

There are a few low band VHF channels used in the Crimean region by Russian assets.  Activity has been noted by well-situated listeners on 30.025, 36.65, and 38.25 MHz, in various modes.  The possibility of skip might potentially extend the listening range of at least the 30 and 36 MHz channels.

Here's a bit of what I have for Russian military in the region.  Voice comm, obviously, is in Russian. However, quite a bit is still in good old Morse code, CW mode.  They use standard procedures, and a lot of Q and Z signals.

Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet, Sevastopol:

  3378.0   3826.0   4055.0   5224.0   5312.0   7566.0
10201.0   10543.0 11688.0 12794.0 19201.0 20536.0 21438.0

Assorted air transport:

2013.5  CW  Naval Air Transport
4956.0  CW  Naval Air Transport
5808.0  CW  Naval Air Transport
7662.6  USB   Air Transport
7666.9  USB  Air Transport
7668.6  USB  Air Transport
7685.0  USB  Air Transport; selcal, voice w/priyom, data
7696.0  CW  Naval Air Transport
7883.1  USB  Air Transport
7884.5  USB  Air Transport
7980.0  CW  Naval Air Transport
7988.0  CW  Naval Air Transport
8120.0  CW  Naval Air Transport
8682.0  CW  Naval Air Transport
8816.0  USB  RJF94/PRIBOJ  Moscow Command
11254.0  USB  Central Sector
11354.0  USB RMP/RIW/RJF94/etc Moscow
11360.0  USB   Central Sector

Moscow Air Force HQ (REA4):

1176.0  2721.0  4379.0  5158.0  7054.0  11407.5

Ukraine AF net:


Assorted Air Force:

  6685.0  USB  AF night strategic command net
  8131.0  USB  Katolik
  8816.0  CW   RCB
11360.0  USB  Korsar
11233.0  USB  AF strategic forces

Air Force IDs:

Akustik    Joint Strategic forces
Avora        Volgograd
Balans        New, unk
Davlenie    AF, Taganrog
Gazelle    Joint Strategic forces
Kansek    Joint Strategic forces
Katolik    New, unk
Klarnetist    AF, Tver
Korsar        AF, Pskov
Kraket        Air Transport, Western Sector, Kaliningrad
Maska        Joint Strategic forces
Midyalka    Joint Strategic forces
Monolog    Air transport, eastern sector, Vladivostok
Nabor        Joint Strategic forces
Nezyanka    Joint Strategic forces
Norka    Naval aviation, southern sector, Sevastopol
Novator    Naval aviation, northern sector, Murmansk
Ochitska    Joint Strategic forces, Moscow?
Polis        AF, Orenberg
Priboj        Air transport, central sector, Moscow
Procelka    Joint Strategic forces
Proselok    AF, Bryansk
REA4        Collective stragegic AF c/s
Saksofon    Joint Strategic forces
Seriozhka    Astrakhan
Shlagata    Joint Strategic forces
Shpora        Joint Strategic forces, Rostov
Shtat        Sochi
Stavok        Vladikavkaz
Sympatia    Joint Strategic forces
Triol        Elista