Monday, March 31, 2014

Solar Peak VHF DX Log Part 3 (32-33.5 MHz)

All intercepts made in Southern California by the author, using a WiNRADiO G33DDC SDR and a PAR EF-SWL end fed 45' wire. All frequencies kHz, all times UTC.

OM = male, YL = woman, SS = Spanish, EE=English, Disp=Dispatcher, Unid = Unidentified.

Tones are CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) aka "PL."
CSQ = no tone in use (Carrier SQuelch)

Frequency ... Callsign ... Mode ... Description ... Time ... Tone

32025.0    Unid    FM    OM, weak, copied nothing    2246    CSQ?

32085.0    Unid    FM    Weak OM, looked like voice, no copy    2243

32150.0    Unid    ?    Hissy Station    2125    n/a

32180.0    Unid    FM    SS/OMs, several fast talking taxi dispatchers, wkg mobiles with 2-figure calls ("cero seis," "cinco uno," etc.). One of these guys has a very distinctive and great sounding voice. One mobile heard. Also a fast-talking SS/YL dispatcher. Not a US business channel. Suspect South America.    1955    77.0

32250.0    Unid    WFM    Military, discussing firing ranges, wide signal    2030    ?

32275.0    Unid    FM    Weak carrier, fading

32300.0    Unid    FM    Weak carriers, fuzzy OM    2053    151.4

32380.0    Unid    FM    Weak    2042    ?

32525.0    Unid    FM    Weak    2306    88.5

32550.0    Unid    ?    The Buzzy Station. It fades in slowly as band opens, very wide (~150 kHz) when loud. Shows the usual ionospheric leopard-skin pattern. Continuous, usually until band closes. Doesn't sound like anything heard on HF.    1936    n/a

33020.0    Unid    FM    Unknown transportation base station, ID sounds something like "Carly Base." OM and YL wkg "37," and "113" (both heard). OM reminding drivers of upcoming bus inspection.    2009    192.8

33026.0    Unid    ?    Weak Hissy Station    2146    n/a

33040.0    Unid    FM    YL, " Base" wkg "13" (heard, weak) regarding transportation.    2008    CSQ or 167.9

33060.0    Unid    FM    YL "Base," wkg several drivers, regarding transportation.    2129    123.0

33060.0    Unid    FM    OM, possible bus driver, having a heated argument with "Base."    2100    127.3

33080.0    Unid    FM    Distorted YL bus dispatcher. OM (mobile, good signal) tells her the road is blocked. She advises to use caution and keep 4-way flashers on. PL has a low audio level and doesn't decode.    2010    ?

33100.0    Unid    FM    OM "Base," clg "214, Alberta." Real good signal.    1946    186.2

33125.0    Unid    FM    Hissy Station, usual different length bursts    2155    n/a

33160.0    Unid    FM    SS/EE/OM taxi dispatcher. Like a lot of these, he lapses into brief English phrases on occasion.    2053    CSQ

33160.0    Unid    FM    OM, brief fade in    2108    203.5

33280.0    Unid    FM    2 OM s, southern US accent, possible public safety. "15, clear."    1910    107.2

33480.0    WNJB312    FM    Lancaster County, PA, local FD channel. OM, dispatch for "[unintelligible] Township." Later volunteer fire fighter paging tones, followed by OM announcing, "Work detail, 1600 hours, at the firehouse."    2230    CSQ

33480.0    WNFA251    FM    Tolland County, CT, mutual aid channel. YL with medical dispatch.    2109    179.9

33500.0    Unid    ?    Hissy Station    2011    n/a