Friday, April 11, 2014

Solar Peak VHF DX Log Part 8 (Supplemental from 4/10)

All intercepts made in Southern California by the author, using a WiNRADiO G33DDC SDR and a PAR EF-SWL end fed 45' wire. All frequencies kHz, all times UTC.

OM = male, YL = woman, SS = Spanish, EE=English, Disp=Dispatcher, Unid = Unidentified.

Tones are CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) aka "PL."
CSQ = no tone in use (Carrier SQuelch)

Frequency ... Callsign ... Mode ... Description ... Time ... Tone

30740.0    Unid    FM    SS/EE/OM disp, constant phone ring and another OM bg, some beeps. Like most of these, the speaker goes back and forth between Spanish and accented English. Usual fast talking.    2027    107.2

30800.0    Unid    FM    EE/SS/OM disp, mostly EE but some SS. Usual fast talking.    2009    88.5

30925.0    Unid    ?    Hissy Station    2005    n/a

31040.0    Unid    FM    SS/OM disp, weak, later weak YL. Hard to copy.    2044    missed

31060.0    Unid    FM    SS/OM disp, loud, YL, OM, & phone bg. "Coffee shop." Everything else in SS. Talking even faster than usual.    2012    91.5

31080.0    WPYJ841    FM    Hampden & Worcester County, MA, YL identifying as "Base 3." Followed open-squelch noise like rptr or remote. Likely rptr in use. Working mobiles in a large wide-area radio system used for transportation support. Mobiles calling it "Channel 3." The other weird things on this freq are probably skip getting in through the input.    2220    100.0

31100.0    Unid    FM    YL wkg OM driver    2026    no decode

31240.0    Unid    FM    EE/OM, disp, sounded like all the SS/OMs, huge SS accent, "He call at four thirty?" Phone bg & some offmike talking.    2021    136.5

31360.0    Unid    FM    EE/OM, NY accent, "10-4, 433 [unintelligible]"    2028    CSQ

31400.0    Unid    FM    Phone sounds, distorted voice    ?

31440.0    Unid    FM    Weak EE/OM disp, usual short xmsns    2024    100.0

31640.0    Unid    FM    Two EE/OMs, brief and weak.    2034    85.4