Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Solar Peak VHF DX Log Part 4 (33.5-34 MHz)

All intercepts made in Southern California by the author, using a WiNRADiO G33DDC SDR and a PAR EF-SWL end fed 45' wire. All frequencies kHz, all times UTC.

OM = male, YL = woman, SS = Spanish, EE=English, Disp=Dispatcher, Unid = Unidentified.

Tones are CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) aka "PL."
CSQ = no tone in use (Carrier SQuelch)

Frequency ... Callsign ... Mode ... Description ... Time ... Tone

33500.0    Unid    ?    Hissy Station    2011    n/a

33520.0    Unid    FM    Weak OM    2011    77.0

33520.0    Unid    FM    OM, medic alarm    2011    131.8

33560.0    KGC755    FM    Lancaster County, PA, Fire/EMS Northeast Fireground. OM & YL dispatching Deputy 33 and medic, then "Ambulance 372, OK." OM, "Ambulance 31, OK," "Sheriff's 35, OK, I copy." "Medic 430, OK." Etc.    2124    CSQ

33580.0    Unid    FM    Very weak    2045    ?

33600.0    KGC755    FM    Lancaster County, PA, Fire/EMS receiver activation pager. Tones and dispatches for major incident at WGAL-TV, parallel with 33.9 (main dispatch fq). One call was self-identified as "Lancaster County." On 22 Mar 14, CW ID "KGC755" at 2047.    2121    CSQ

33620.0    Unid    FM    Weak tones and OM dispatch    2044    123.0?

33640.0    Unid    FM    EMS Dispatch paging tones, then OM "05, [unintelligible] City Ambulance 250," with CW ID getting cut out by the voice, so it makes no sense. Possibilities are Lancaster, Westmoreland, & Cattaragus Counties.    2206    CSQ

33640.0    KGC755    FM    Lancaster County, PA, Fire/EMS Northwest Fireground. "County," YL wkg Medic 86, Medic 63, and similar. Short xmsns, mostly rogers with "OK," and a few dispatches. On 28 March, asked a mobile if he wanted help, followed closely by dispatch to same incident on 33.9. Usually distorted. CW ID used.    1746    CSQ

33640.0    Unid    FM    YL & OM, not Lancaster    2109    114.8

33660.0    Unid    FM    Parallel to other fqs, not much known    2016    ?

33680.0    KBH343    FM    Morgan County Fire Dept., OH, for Malta-McConnelsville and Chesterhill. Tones and OM w/ dispatch for "[unintelligible] Squad" to medical emerg.    2259    CSQ?

33680.0    WPGJ389    FM    Lancaster, PA, city Metro Fire, YL wkg OM. On 30 March, simulcast a CW ID with 33.72.    2119    CSQ

33680.0    WPFW622    FM    Hunterdon County, NJ, dispatch channel. OM: "Any additional [unintelligible] fire units, you can cancel 30 Utility 21." //33.74    2047    192.8

33700.0    KGH706    FM    Westmoreland County Emergency Center, PA. OM with a broadcast of a winter storm warning for possible 6-8" of snow possible, signed "Westmoreland County Radio, clear at 1736"    2136    CSQ

33700.0    KGH706    FM    Westmoreland County Emergency Center, PA. Sent DTMF tones 650831, 650371, and 650911, plus 2-tone pages, each time followed by OM dispatching various units for a traffic accident with ops on tac-11. Definitely multiple transmitters in use, with slight fq and strength changes between calls. Also DTMF 650711 at 2206.    2159    CSQ

33700.0    Unid    FM    "OM: "--five, West Valley Chief, go ahead… [unintelligible]… need PD out there."    2121    107.2

33700.0    KDP395    FM    Cattaragus County, NY FD dispatch channel. Dispatch and fireground comms at a brush fire. Possible repeater/remote. This one has been heard in Europe!    2015    151.4

33700.0    KGD869    FM    Somerset County (PA) dispatch, sent units to North-1 (33.84). Later sent unit to Central-1 (33.9).    2235    192.8

33720.0    KGC755    FM    Lancaster County, PA, Fire/EMS South and East Fireground. 2 YL dispatchers wkg Medic 61 then Medic 67, eastern time. Morse code tone ID KGC755. On 30 March, simulcast an ID with 33.68.    1941    CSQ

33740.0    Unid    FM    Two quick carrier keys, OM with tree down dispatch, two more quick keys    2314    151.4

33740.0    WPXI556    FM    Hunterdon County, NJ, FD/EMS command channel. OM wkg "Utility 21" Later OM dispatching "Station 91 Fire, Engine 11-1, Rescue11" to an alarm…" followed by verbal call sign ID. //33.68    2047    192.8

33750.0    Unid    ?    Hissy Station, weak    2202    n/a

33760.0    KGC755    FM    Lancaster County, PA, Fire/EMS. YL "County," dispatch to car vs pole with wires down. Later tone calls //33.72. Morse code tone ID KGC755.    2053    CSQ

33760.0    KCN572?    FM    Possible SRWW Joint Fire District, Clinton County, OH. OM dispatch.    2308    131.8?

33780.0    KTG669    FM    Allegany County Fire/EMS dispatch, MD, very large old style system with 6 base stn towers and hundreds of mobiles at FDs. Fireground is on 33.68, .98, & .60. ID in disp for medical emerg: "King First Responders, this is your medic alert… 1636 hours, this is KTG669."    2336    82.5

33800.0    Unid    FM    OM asking mobile, "Do you need additional manpower?" QRM with two other stations on-channel.    2227    CSQ

33800.0    Unid    FM    YL disp for "2," and "1840." Radios emit a "turkey call" when carrier dropped. QRM.    2227    ?

33800.0    Unid    FM    Tones, siren sound, and OM with dispatch. QRM.    2227    179.9

33820.0    KGC755    FM    Lancaster, PA, City FD frequency, YL dispatching brush fire    2109    CSQ

33820.0    KCO372    FM    Calvert County, MD, many 2-tone pages, OM dispatching for traffic accident, then YL and OM conversation, squad 7 and Tac-1 mentioned. Later YL disp for North Beach, on Chesapeake Bay. Another day same YL disp for brush fire, with several mobiles enroute. Later requesting a water drop.    2140    141.3

33820.0    Unid    FM    FD dispatch    2011    186.2

33840.0    KGD869    FM    Somerset County, PA "North-1." Tactical from 33.7 dispatch. "614" wkg "Command Somerset."    2235    92.8

33860.0    KFO822    FM    Pickaway County, OH. YL with self-ID "Pickaway County, clear" after  medic dispatch. Apparently some kind of legacy mutual aid frequency.    2030    77.0

33860.0    KGC676    FM    Washington County Fire/EMS, Hagerstown, MD. YL clearing with a medic unit and self-identifying call sign.    2036    77.0

33860.0    KQH904    FM    Licking County Emergency Comm Ctr, OH. Identifies "904," and is addressed as same. A large radio system with obvious remote bases in use. Lots of kerchunking and control tones. Frequently self-identifies as KQH904. Many fire dispatches, and some mobiles are audible. Great freq.    2025    82.5

33860.0    KBH343    FM    Morgan County Fire Dept., OH, tactical for Malta-McConnelsville and Chesterhill. OM self-identified "KBH343, 1800 hours." Also heard on 33.68.    2300    146.2

33880.0    WPVT322    York County Fire/EMS, PA, 3 open-carrier key downs. ID from Radioreference.    2028    186.2

33900.0    KGC755    FM    Lancaster County, PA, Fire/EMS Main Dispatch Channel. Tone pages, simul on 33.6 (Lancaster volunteer receiver activation frequency), then voice with several dispatches and more tones/ dispatches for roof collapse at WGAL-TV. This one made CNN!    2121    CSQ

33900.0    Unid    FM    2 dispatches, not much else known    1810    127.3

33920.0    Unid    FM    Brief carrier, later YL dispatch. Louder 11 March, but no ID made.    2245    151.4

33940.0    WZX412    FM    Indiana County FD, PA. OM, wkg FD units. "190, Chief, Indiana County."    2205    CSQ

33940.0    KNBX247    FM    Berks County Fire/EMS, PA, response F-1. OM, recalling apparatus from [unintelligible] township. OM wkg "Chief."    1857    77.0

33950.0    Unid    FM    Hissy Station    2110    n/a

33960.0    Unid    FM    Distorted tones & OM dispatch    2035    CSQ

33975.0    Unid    FM    Hissy Station, long bursts    2225    n/a

33980.0    KFR674    FM    Perry County, OH, FD dispatch, OM and mobiles, with turkey calls at end of transmissions. Fireground is 33.86.    2112    CSQ

33980.0    WPBB478    FM    Erie County FD, PA, OM dispatcher with "Priority 1" medic dispatch to an address in Lake City (right on Lake Erie).    2112    CSQ

33980.0    Unid    FM    YL w/ FD dispatch, different station than the 103.5 tone, making QRM here. Several possibilities in PA.    1849    62.5

33980.0    WZC522/WPMB234    FM    Muskingum County, OH, FD Dispatch. YL disp ending with time stamp and verbal self-ID WPMB234. Some mobiles heard enroute. WZC522 is a legacy simulcast of WPMB234 on 151 & 155 MHz.    1956    103.5

33980.0    Unid    FM    YL dispatcher wkg OM in unit    2246    141.3

33980.0    Unid    FM    Several stations on a grass fire response    2020    151.4