Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Space Shuttle Is Up

Boosters separated nominally and recovery vessels should be performing their missions. Some operation may take place on the usual Cape Radio frequencies.

Sorry for the long break in blog postings, but I'm on the road.

Space Shuttle is counting

Launch at 11:38 and 19 seconds EDT.

*Another* New US Coast Station Licensed!

From Richard Dillman of MRHS:

The repopulation of the medium frequency maritime mobile band in the US continues with the addition of a new coast station.

The FCC today granted a license for commercial coast station WFT. The station is located in Florida and is authorized for 5kW on 500kc and 486kc.

This FCC action marks the granting of two new coast station licenses in as many months. KDR in Washington state was authorized for 5kW on 500kc and 482kc in September this year.

In their applications, both stations noted the increase in the number of US ships, both commercial and historic, with the capability to use Morse in the medium frequency band. Their plan is to provide service for these ships as well as marine weather and press broadcasts.

WFT and KDR join KSM as active commercial users of 500kc, that most hallowed of frequencies, as well as working frequencies in medium frequency maritime mobile band. The intention of these stations is not to make a profit by providing radiotelegraph service to ships at sea. Clearly, those days are past. Instead, the objective is to preserve the skills, traditions and frequencies used for more than 100 years by commercial operators afloat and ashore.

Stations WLO, KLB, NMC, NOJ and NMN typically join KPH, KFS and KSM for the annual "Night of Nights" event each 12 July on MF and HF. With luck, KDR and WFT will join us for the next event.

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Space Shuttle is Go at T-9 Minutes and Holding

The final pre-launch poll has just taken place, with no constraints.

Launch should take place around 11:38 eastern.