Friday, October 30, 2020

WRJG440 Special Operation Saturday

From MRHS:

Special Bulletin 8/27/2020
29 October 2020
"Special Edition"

Dedicated to the True Believers Worldwide

Executive summary:

Call sign - WRJG440 
Frequencies 8438.3, 12993.0 
Mode - CW 
Power -  1 kw 
Date - Saturday 31 October 
Time - 1000 PDT/ 1700Z 
Duration - 2-3 hours 
Reports to

Maritime Radio Historical Society (MRHS) members have been unable to access the KPH transmit and receive sites due to COVID-19 restrictions. In order to return commercial CC to the air we obtained a Special Temporary Authority (STA) to use an alternate transmit site in Valley Springs, California for station KSM (we were unable to do this for KPH because we don't own the license).

Although we are using KSM frequencies the call sign associated with the STA is WRJG440.

The frequencies for this transmission are 8438.3  and 12993.0 khz. Transmission speed will be 20 WPM.

Your reports would be greatly appreciated. Remember, please send them to  Thanks and good listening.....