Friday, July 07, 2006

Welcome to the MT Utility World Blog

This blog is patterned after the existing one that Larry Van Horn set up for his milcom column last May. It works exactly the same way. It is intended for information that does not make the monthly Utility World column, or which is of critical time value. It builds on the concept of the existing column web site, except that it is far more easily updated and generally better adapted to the quick posting of real-time information such as hurricane traffic, frequency changes, or new transmissions of interest to the utility hobby and its various sub-hobbies such as aero, maitime, numbers, digital, or ALE.

Like the Milcom blog, we've had to disable comments to prevent the spam which is inevitably attracted by anything with as high a profile as Utility World. We want this to be about radio, not Viagra or Nigerian farmers. Since our web site and e-mail address are unaffected, we encourage everyone to send comments, frequencies, corrections, updates, and even just fun social chatter to the column's e-mail addresses which you'll find in the magazine or at the Monitoring Times web site.

Now, let's get down and DX the utilities!