Friday, August 18, 2006

Centers for Disease Control on HF ALE

The new NPHRN, National Public Health Radio Network, with a headquarters in Atlanta, has been busy recently. This HF net links the federal Centers for Disease Control with state and local health departments.

All frequencies are Automatic Link Establishment (ALE), though some voice has been heard.

4442.0 (USB)

4757.0 (USB)

5820.0 (USB)

8023.0 (LSB)

8023.0 (USB)

9414.5 (USB)

10202.0 (USB)

11485.0 (LSB)

11485.0 (USB)

12164.0 (USB)

13488.0 (USB)

15658.0 (USB)

18264.0 (USB)

20659.0 (USB)