Tuesday, October 31, 2006

KSM Granted RTTY Frequencies

Forward from MRHS list:

KSM, the coast station of the Maritime Radio Historical Society (MRHS), has been granted two RTTY frequencies by the FCC.

The frequencies, known officially as narrow band direct printing (NBDP) channels, are:

8.4330 Mc

12.6310 Mc

Authorized power is 5kW.

The MRHS will use these channels for broadcasting weather, press and other information to the maritime community using RTTY (Baudot) and SITOR FEC modes.

It will take a while for the MRHS Transmitter Department to bring transmitters on line for these frequencies. But now that we have FCC approval we can begin work on this new project. An announcement will be made when we are ready to begin transmission on these frequencies.

VY 73,

Richard Dillman
Chief Operator, KSM