Thursday, February 08, 2007

Major US Government Exercise This Weekend


PURPOSE – To practice operating in an austere environment, gathering information, reporting Essential Elements of Information to NORTHCOM and FEMA, and assisting with the arrival of responding military units and federal agencies using long range HF communications frequencies.

PARTICIPATING ORGANIZATIONS – MARS (Air Force, Army, and Navy/USMC), Air National Guard, Air Force Research Labs, NY State Police, Civil Air Patrol, Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service.

SCENARIO – Major winter storm affecting the entire AO [Northeastern US plus mid-Atlantic and northern midwest -Hugh] with heavy rain, flooding, mudslides, ice accumulation, high winds, and heavy snow cutting communications, transportation routes, and severely affecting the urban and rural populations.

The leadership may activate their members as early as 9 FEB to organize communications nets and make preparations for deployments in order to commence full disaster response operations at 0900 on 10 FEB.

For amateur try 3925 Khz LSB and 7237 Khz LSB. Also check SHARES and the usual places.