Thursday, July 26, 2007

UK Flood Activity

Peter Thompson and other listeners on the UDXF list have heard HF transmissions from rescue helicopters working the floods in England. Callsigns are the usual "RESCUE" plus a number. They are working Kinloss Rescue.

News broadcasts continue to show helicopter rescues in the UK, so I would imagine the activity is ongoing.

Another UDXF user named "Paul" passes along this freq list for Kinloss Rescue (all USB):

2182 Distress
3023 Night (pri)
3089 Night (sec)
5680 Day (Pri)
5699 Day (sec)
6760 Discrete
8980 Discrete
9001 Discrete

4706 kHz USB has also been reported, by "David" on UDXF, who adds that 6736 (day) and 4718 (night) are also known USB backup frequencies.