Friday, December 28, 2007


Copied in California during the 12/28 drill.

MARS = Military Affiliate Radio System. SHARES = SHAred RESources, a Federal interoperability pool and special net administered by National Communications System.

043NCS Natl. Comm. System, sounding on 9106 and 11217 at 1944 and 2143 UTC. Sounding on 11217 and 9106 at 2243.

ANCOPS Unk agency, sounding on 11217 at 2144, 2214, and 2315. Also sounding on 3349 and 17487 at 2144.

YXPNNN US Navy/Marine Corps MARS, sounding on 7642 at 2204.

KULNNN USN/MC MARS, sounding on 11098.5 at 2306.

6DUAFA US Air Force MARS, calling 6NEAFA, at 2332.

Note: The funny backwards MARS addresses are per interoperability committee REF A adopted some years ago, in which unique station identifiers occupy the first three characters (the ones passed in the standard ALE version 1 ID field as opposed to DAT words). YXPNNN=NNN0YXP. 6DUAFA=AFA6DU. And so on.