Sunday, February 17, 2008

USCG Will Not Drop HF!

This news item has been up for over a week on the Mscan Meteo homepage, though I just ran across it today. It's the first news I've seen of the Coast Guard's decision on its HF services. The news, apparently, is good:

7 February 2008

I just received word that thanks to the feedback of the cruising community around the world, the future of HF radio services is saved! The Coast Guard concludes The responding public collectively perceives that the USCG HF broadcasts are essential to their safety. There is no viable alternative to the USCG HF broadcasts because present alternatives are perceived by the public to be out of financial reach. Also, marine weather forecasts available through these alternative sources may not guarantee the same level of accuracy, timeliness, and/or sufficiency as provided by the USCG HF broadcasts.

More to come......