Thursday, June 26, 2008

More from Charles Brain on the Vista Problem


Hello Vista users,

I have done a Google search and it seems that the problem is due to the fact that Microsoft have moved the sound drivers from Kernel space to user space. This has caused the hardware acceleration used by some cards to stop working. Accurate information on this problem is very difficult to come by.

It seems the reason that Microsoft did this was to protect Vista from errant sound card drivers not under their control. They were getting fed up with being blamed for crashes that weren't their fault. There are some other reasons for wanting to move the drivers to user space I have been told.

At the moment I can't see any short term fix to this problem as it appears to be outside my control. I understand that this problem is causing a lot of grief among P.C gamers too as they have lost some of their special sound effects.

I am guessing here but what I think is happening is that when I ask for a 48K sample rate the card is returning something else (possibly 44.1K) and that is why it does not work. I base this guess on the fact that I can get PC-HFDL to start on a Vista laptop and display hfdl packets on the spectrum display (indicating the sound handling is working) what it does not do is decode the actual packets (indicating a sample rate problem).

I am sorry I can't be any more helpful/hopeful than that.

- Charles