Monday, December 29, 2008

"Numbers" Activity Increases In Gaza Crisis

The Israeli phonetic alphabet station (E10) became much more active soon after the air strikes began in Gaza. Also more time slots have messages, and new messages come out more frequently.

E10 can start on the hour, half-hour, or sometimes even 15 minutes after the hour. Most schedules come between 1800 and 2300 UTC.

Recently logged E10 frequencies:

3150 PCD
3270 ULX
4270 PCD + 2 abnormal PCD strings
4560 YHF
4880 ULX
5435 ART
6840 EZI + 1 abnormal EZI string

In addition, 4270 and 4880 are frequently jammed.

4XZ, the Israeli Navy CW station that broadcasts weather and coded "numbers" like traffic is being heard on 2680 and 4331 around 1700 UTC.