Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Great WebSDR Tour - Part 2

We continue our tour of 80 meters on the Dutch WebSDR.

3582.1 (dial; listed is 3581.5)
This is W1AW, the ARRL Headquarters superstation in Newington, CT. Code practice and bulletins are audible nightly. I wish I could get it as well here.

One of several weather FAX stations in this range. These are very weak. This and the SDR's woozy timing guarantee poor reception of these faxes, but they are identifiable as weather charts sent at 120/576.

3585.5 (listed 3584.5)
One of several ALE frequencies. It might be worthwhile to park on these, but I hate to tie up their server. By the time I can tune them in, it's too late to sync up and get an ID. I would guess this one is amateur, since it's a listed ALE calling frequency for Regions II and III.

Other ALE frequencies include, but are not limited to, 3587.6 and 3618.2.

Unknown STANAG 4285, that jet-plane noise made by a NATO data communications mode about 3 kHz wide. Started and stopped. Also voice in a language other than English, using military-sounding procedures and NATO phonetics. STANAG 4285 has also been heard on 3614.4.

VERY approximate frequency of NATO tactical data linking in Link-11 mode. There's Link-11 all through this part of 80 at night. That's what it is. Hams have nothing similar. It's the military.

Other Link-11 frequencies include, but are not limited to, 3590.5, 3607.0, and 3610.0 kHz.

Break, more to follow