Saturday, June 27, 2009

K6KPH Field Day Schedule

The amateur radio Field Day has begun in the United States. This contest lights up the bands every summer as special contest stations take to the great outdoors with emergency power.

This contest has a way of making its own ionosphere. There have been some legendary nights where 20 meters stayed usable the whole time. Also, I'm sitting here with a QSL card from a New York station that our club worked on 50.100 MHz at 1700 UTC while set up on a mountain outside Los Angeles. Now THAT is DX!

K6KPH's role in all this is to broadcast the annual Field Day Message from the American Radio Relay League, which puts on this contest. Stations submitting a copy of this message get additional points. K6KPH, with its large antennas formerly used for commercial maritime radio, is well equipped for this.

The station may also be making contest QSOs on several bands, though I haven't heard it yet.

Here's the schedule from Richard Dillman:

Once again this year K6KPH, the amateur station of the Maritime Radio Historical Society, will transmit the ARRL Field Day Bulletin (June 27-28) as the west coast outlet for this message. K6KPH will be probably available on its normal frequencies outside the times shown below. For full Field Day information see:

KSM Operations will continue as usual.

K6KPH Field Day Bulletin Schedule -

CW: 3581.5, 7047.5, 14047.5, 18097.5 21067.5
RTTY, AMTOR-FEC: 7095.0 14095.0

Saturday CW: 1430 UTC
Sunday CW: 0030 & 1430 UTC

Saturday teleprinter: 1330 UTC
Sunday teleprinter: 1630 UTC

The "normal" K6KPH frequencies are on or around 3550, 7050, 14050 and 21050 kHz.