Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Vietnamese Numbers Station on 10255!

A new "numbers" station has begun regular broadcasting on 10255 kHz USB at approximately 1600 UTC. Transmissions are in Vietnamese.

Leif Dehio, in Germany, made the first discovery in late February. Since then, it has been heard in the Western US, and other places.

The schedule, if that's what it can be called, is a bit irregular. If there's going to be a transmission at all, it starts sometime between 1555 and 1615, though one person reported a transmission at 1700.

Male and female voices have been heard. These sound live. A typical transmission goes as follows:

Callup #1
First message, in 5-figure groups
Callup #2
Message #2
End of transmission

It is not known whether this broadcast is for spies, or coded messages to the fishery. ENIGMA2000 is on the case.

More when we get it.