Tuesday, May 18, 2010

KSM Special Event in Progress

KSM is currently up on 6474 kHz CW working an unknown vessel. Signal is typically strong in Southern California.

The vessel is one of three that are participating in special contacts for the Sacramento River cruise of the SS Jeremiah O'Brien (KXCH).

Other participating vessels are the SS Red Oak Victory (KYVM), and the SS American Victory (KKUI).

All vessels will be using 500 kHz (calling) and 425 kHz (working), in CW. KSM, on the shore side, will simulkey all of its HF frequencies, making reception possible over a very wide area. These are:


In addition, ship-to-ship contact may be audible on 12552 kHz CW.

This operation is scheduled to continue until 2200 UTC, with a lunch break at local noon (1900 UTC).