Monday, November 29, 2010

Netherlands WebSDR Update Nov. 29

Here's the latest from the ham radio club at the U. of Twente, Netherlands, concerning the return of their WebSDR to service:

Update 26 November:

We're back -- well, somewhat.
Over the past couple of weeks, we have moved all our stuff to our new club room (although much of it still has to be unpacked), and since yesterday, we have an internet connection there.
Unfortunately though, we do not yet have any possibilities for feeding an antenna cable through the wall. It is also still very unclear how long it will take until it this will be arranged.


Since Wednesday November 3, this WebSDR receiver has been offline. This is because the radio club at the University of Twente, where this receiver is hosted, had to move to a new building, along with the entire department of electrical engineering. We knew this was coming and we were busy preparing the move (dismantling our antennas, packing our equipment, etc.). On October 29 we were told that we had to empty the old room by November 4, which is earlier than we expected. That's why we could not announce this more in advance, and could not make the transition smooth by first preparing the new room.

73, Pieter-Tjerk, PA3FWM (e-mail about this topic: qrt AT