Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Night of Nights XI 2011 Details

There are some changes. This info comes from the MRHS web site.


Transmit: 426 500 4247.0 6477.5 8642.0 12808.5 17016.8 22477.5

QSX: All ships can call on 500 kHz and ITU Channel 3 all bands.
Channel 3 freqs: 4184.0 6276.0 8368.0 12552.0 16736.0 22280.5kc

The KPH/K6KPH receive/operation site is open to the public beginning at 3 PM Pacific (5 minutes ago). Tours to the transmitter site are available for true believers in the benevolent god RF. This building has plenty of that. The transmitter site is remote controlled and quite distant from the receive.


Transmit: 12695.5 17026.0
QSX 500 and Channel 3, same as KPH

12695.5 will be on a 1940s vintage Press Wireless PW-15, formerly at the KFS transmitter site in Palo Alto, CA and one of the transmitters on the air on 12 July 1999. 17026.0 will be on a Henry transmitter [commercial grade, and no slouch either].


Transmit: 426 500 6474 8438.3 12993
QSX: 500 and Channel 3, same as KPH

(see KPH listing for frequencies).

QSL for KPH, KFS, and KSM:

Ms. DA Stoops
P.O. Box 381
Bolinas CA 94924-0381

Denice is an ace telegrapher who worked at KPH in its heyday.


Transmit: 4343.0 8658.0 12992.0 16968.5
QSX: 500 and Channel 3 (same as KPH)

(No 2 MHz this year.)

WLO is the ShipCom station in Mobile, AL. It still handles HF commercial ship traffic, though not in CW.

WLO Radio


Transmit: 488 500 (A1 & A2), 8582.5 (A1A)
QSX: 500 8368.0

KLB is the ShipCom station in the Seattle area. QSL is same address as WLO.


WWII Victory ship SS AMERICAN VICTORY will be on the air attempting contact will all the coast stations above. They'll use the best calling frequency for the prevailing propagation at the time but they usually call KSM on 12552.0.


Amateur station K6KPH will transmit and listen on 3550, 7050 14050 and 21050 for KPH, KFS and KSM reception reports.

Professional operators will be at the key and commercial procedures [see below] will be used. But please don't hesitate to call, no matter what your code speed or experience level may be. We look forward to your call.

[They switch to usual amateur procedure if there's a pileup, which there often is. There's more on the web site.]

QSL: Same as KPH.